Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Random Pics Explained

Have I mentioned on here that my camera was stolen? Well, in case I haven't....my camera was stolen off of a picnic table in Leadville, CO last August when Dave and Josh were on the Youth Road Trip with our church. This frustrates me. I like my camera. It is simple. I could point and shoot and get some pretty good photos. I could plug my camera into my laptop and download those photos pretty easily. I could then upload those photos right onto my blog or facebook page....all without any issue. I liked that...but then...my camera was stolen...hence the lack of photos on my last few posts. Now Caleb is a budding photographer and he also has a camera. But...it is not a nice simple camera that allows me to just point and shoot. I like taking pictures with his camera but getting the pictures from his camera onto my computer has not proven to be a simple task. And since it is not simple it is a task I have not spent time trying to achieve. However, this weekend Caleb was doing some work with some of his photos on Dave's computer and I saw my opportunity to get some photos of things I have blogged about from his camera to my blog so I seized the moment. However in my seizing of the moment I did not take the time to caption the photos I got thinking I would just go back later and do that. However that was not a simple task either and thus avoided. Instead I just decided to do a new post to explain the photos in the old post....the simple way!

From top to bottom here is your friendly photo explanation:

1 - A family photo taken last June at Horn Creek....our family camp. My boys are getting taller than me!

2-4 - These pictures were all taken at Sylvan Lake. Sylvan Lake is south of Eagle. We had never visited there before but found ourselves there via a Geocache. It was a beautiful fall Saturday. We had to go to Vail for a soccer game and decided to do a little geocaching on the way home. This is where we wound up. Wow! It was so beautiful. We will go back and hopefully do some camping there soon!

5 - Dave leading the Victory chant at the Rifle High School homecoming game. The Bears did go on to victory....beating Battle Mountain by a score of 53-6!

6-7 - On Monday of Homecoming week Caleb came home thoroughly disgusted that he had been nominated by his class to be on the homecoming court. He was not looking forward to any of it but I think as the week went on and the homecoming spirit took hold he did become more excited and decided to have fun with it. It helped that he got to ride in the homecoming parade in a Solstice. He ended up being chosen by his class as the Junior Attendant on the Homecoming Court. The girl with him was also chosen by the Junior class as the attendant. It was fun to see him get all spiffed up. I believe he was quite dashing :). For those who have asked....not a girlfriend....just a friend in his class...and his partner for the Homecoming court....placed together alphabetically and coincidentally both chosen as the Junior attendants.

8 - Micah as Arty the Alley Cat in the community play "The Floating Princess". He was fantabulous!

9 - Josh at the Homecoming football game cheering the Bears to victory.

10- Josh as the Gingerbread Man in "The Floating Princess".

There you have it...captions to go with the pictures...just a little late and a little more wordy! Oh...and if anyone is wondering what to get me for Christmas....a camera would be nice!

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lbbryant said...

Hi Kathy!
I enjoyed your random pics. It is so good to catch up with you this way. I am not on Facebook but I think it is inevitable. I am afraid of the time I will spend on it but I think it will be worth it. I am going to have to go see what Becky posted. Love your Blog!

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