Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Wow! I just realized that the last post I wrote was before school started and now here we are...2 months later! Hmmmmm....where did the time go and what happened to my blog...clearly my blogging has gotten lost in the whirlwind of activity that has swept us up with the beginning of a new school year. So for those who do actually check my blog to see what is happening with our family I thought I would jot down a few of the highlights of the past two months.

The Floating Princess!! The weekend before school started Josh and Micah got to perform in a community theatre production. Josh was the Gingerbread Man and I believe definitely had the best costume in the play. His head however did prove to be somewhat of an impediment in getting on and off the stage! Micah played the talking cat that belonged to the evil Princess Viv. From a very objective perspective this mom believes that Micah as Arty the talking cat and his buddy Chris as the other talking cat stole the show....completely objective mind you!

Caleb Ziegler....Junior at Rife High School....Caleb started his junior year with a tough schedule and lots going on! He started out playing soccer but was injured early on and has not really been able to practice or play in any of the games. He is hoping to be healthy and ready for basketball season which starts in November. He also decided that he would go out for the school play and landed the role of Dr. Sanderson in the play Harvey. He is pretty excited and looking forward to his moment to shine on stage. He is also now driving which I have to say that as much as I dreaded it I am now loving it! So nice to have someone to send on errands and to play chauffeur to his brothers!

Joshua Zieger....mighty Bear at Rifle High School! Josh started his freshman year at RHS and even two months in he is loving being a Bear! It has been quite a transition and adjustment for all of us but I am so glad that he loves it there and is making friends. We have slowly tweaked out some of the issues of communication with his teachers and home and he is doing well. Thankfully Dad and Caleb are both there and a huge support to him. I think it helps a lot that he is Mr. Ziegler's son!

Micah Ziegler....7th grader at the Happy Heart Homeschool....hehehehe....he hates it when I call it that :). Micah is doing great with all of his classes and we are really liking all of the curriculum so far. Since there was not a soccer team for his age group this fall he opted to join a Boys Gymnastics class which he is loving. He is also getting ready to try out for the drama at the Middle School and he is loving his first year in youth group.

Well...that is a quick update for now on what is happening in the Ziegler home. We are enjoying a beautiful Colorado fall and have managed to get out and take in the amazing colors and sights of the season. God is SO amazing. His creation is awesome. He is a mighty and glorious God. We are so greatful that He is our King!


Becky said...

It's about time!! Did Caleb hurt his broken arm again? Say hi to all for us. I am learning to be more relaxed with Isaac and not feel like I have to stay right on the Abeka schedule. We take time to review some of the stuff when I think it is going to fast for him.

ChoosingJoy said...

I am glad you are slowing down and hopefully both of you are enjoying your time together more! Caleb's arm is good but his foot and hip have been hurting all season...he has been pretty frustrated but is excited now that he is in the high school play!

Mini Me said...

Woohoo, an update! Everyone is so busy and I can't believe Caleb is driving - wow, makes me feel old!

I'm talking to Lois this weekend and I'll mention us getting together some weekend. It would be great to play some rook!

ChoosingJoy said...

We haven't played Rook in forever...that would be really fun! Rook and Broncos.....bring back those college days:)

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