Saturday, June 14, 2008

Summertime and the Living is Easy

My boys are home safe and sound!! Yea! They had an amazing time hiking, fishing, enjoying God's beautiful creation and spending time together. Caleb took some beautiful photos which I will share as soon as I get them onto my computer. From the stories I have been hearing they learned a few things up on the mountain:
1. When partaking in a freeze dried feast...forego the Cajun Chicken
2. Beef Strogonoff makes the best freeze dried meal
3. Brown bears can run really fast....thankfully the brown bear they saw ran really fast away from them and not towards them!
I was very happy when they decided they were ready for a warm soft bed and came home a night was great to see them again and have everyone under one roof! I like it like that!

The day after Dave and Caleb got home my Mom and Dad and my niece Nicole decided that they would bring some of their Nevada heat to Rifle. We are enjoying having them very much. Here are some photos of some of our summertime action.

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