Sunday, June 1, 2008

Rockets & Snakes

Summer in Colorado can sometimes take its own sweet time in getting here but I believe it has officially arrived. Sunshine, blue skies, dandelions, hot weather, water fights, popcicles....all mark the arrival of summer days. This weekend we enjoyed some summertime!

Yesterday, Dave and Joshua launched the rocket they have been working on all spring. They attached an altimeter and an egg. The altimeter recorded a height of 264 feet and at such height the big question was....would the egg survive? The actual launch itself provided a summer thrill for all the spectators watching in awed enthusiasm as the rocket shot into the air...there was a pause of bated breath to see if the parachute would open and then the joy of victory to find the egg intact without even a crack! It was pure success! The only downside was that Caleb missed out because he was in Denver at a basketball camp....but I am sure he will be present for the next great Ziegler launch!

One of the other marks of summer at least in our household is the acquisition of reptiles....namely snakes. I am not a big fan of snakes but being mom to 3 boys has made me be able to at least look upon them without too much trepidation. Thankfully, the snakes around here are primarily of the friendly type if there is such a boys assure me there is nothing to fear and so I look with pride upon the snakes they bring to show off...I just make sure I am looking from far away!
Here is Micah with hs buddy Chris proudly showing off their latest acquisition. I can thankfully say that Hugo is now safely back in his home under our front least until the next time....


Becky said...

I hope the 0 comments does not dissuade you from continuing on in your blogging as I have quite enjoyed reading everything! The homeschool comments have given me the courage to press on despite my insecurities about it all. And, you have brought tears to my eyes and made me laugh as well! I think all the boys needs to come out here to search for snakes and all other creatures we have slithering, hopping and running about the place. I hope y'all have a great Colorado summer. I do miss them, there's just something about a CO summer!
Love ya!

ChoosingJoy said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement! This has been a fun thing so far for me and a bit of a release. It is fun to do some writing of my thoughts and a great way to share the things we are doing around here. I am glad it has brought some encouragement to you...that definitely makes it even more worth it! Thanks for taking the time to let me know!! Love ya back!

fated follies studio said...

hi kathy, glad you found me. i think you are right about summer. i only wish our AC-free apartment wasn't under the boiler for our whole building. haha. i kind of imagined that your household did stuff like launch objects into the air and collect wildlife. very scientificy. can't wait to see what else you guys do. :)


Joan Mason said...

This is going to be a short statement in case I write a long letter and it doesn't go through because I don't know how to do this blogging stuff.
Looks like you all had fun out in the praire launching that rocket. Good job Joshua. I am throughly enjoying reading your blogs.
We love you all,

Joan Mason said...

I think I made it through this time if you choose to accept my response. At least that is what it said at the top of my computer so I am writing a little longer comment this time.
I am enjoying the pictures that you send along with the blogs. Can't believe I am using that word. I hear it all the time on TV about other people saying just tune in to my blog and read. Well, here I am reading a blog. Your blog is like reading an excellent book with a lot of excellent insightful information. I could use your blog as a Bible Study for our ladies groups.
I know Josh had a great time just by the look on his face. I still don't know how that egg landed without breaking. Great family fun for all.
I reread about Josh and homeschooling and I cry everytime I read it. You have gone through a lot but I know the Lord has been with you giving you the patience and courage and strength to keep on keeping on. I am excited for him to get to go to regular school this coming year and with much prayer from all of us, I know he will learn and grow and blossom even more.
Anyone who reads your blogs will be touched so keep up the good work. We love you

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