Saturday, July 5, 2008

Simple Moments

I have been experiencing blog freeze which in layman's terms is something along the lines of brain freeze when it comes to blogging. Everyday I sit at my computer and I open up my blog and I think to myself "I really should write something for my blog" and then I don't....I get distracted....I read someone else's blog.....I go eat something....anything but write. I wonder what brings this on? Is it the broken finger that makes typing a little more cumbersome? I think it is more than that. I think it is the fact that June was so jam packed full of big things that I don't know where to start. I feel like it all deserves space in my blog but the idea of trying to fit it all in is a bit what do I do instead? Raid the cookie jar of course! Tonight though...or rather this morning....I was laying in bed awake reflecting back on June and everything we were doing and I realized with all the big stuff it is the simple moments within those huge events that have imprinted themselves in my mind. Simple moments like sitting around with my family laughing over homemade ice cream made with $3 vanilla beans or watching my husband cast a fly on our 18th wedding anniversary and realizing how truly blessed I am to have this man as my very own. Simple moments....snapshots of time really. One of our big events in June was The God Rally Project...a 3 day Christian music festival that our church was heavily involved in organizing. It was a consuming thing for weeks ahead of the event and it is hard to believe now that we are on the other side of it. There were times leading up to God Rally and during God Rally that I felt like I couldn't breathe because there was so much to do but now that I look is those pauses in the chaos that have marked their place in my memory.... Rick Wise taking a moment to look a young girl straight in the eye and tell her that she is a princess....daughter of the King of Kings.....precious and special and that because of that she should wait for a man who would treat her as such and not settle for anything less. That was a divine moment orchestrated by God to reach a young girl's heart and give her words to live by.... A break in the action at home and hearing music from the God Rally from my house way up on the hill and realizing that the truth of God's Word was being heard not only by those enclosed in the Fairgrounds but by people throughout Rifle. Praise be to God.... Sunday morning community our Praise Team led by Kenny and with Caleb playing bass guitar...seeing people all around...from different churches....different backgrounds....different doctrinal viewpoints...coming together in unity, some with hands raised in praise....others with heads bowed in worship....but altogether standing on the truth that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life....that He alone is our salvation and that He is worthy of praise! It was an awesome moment that will forever be stamped on my heart! There are other things too about God Rally that I will always look back on and laugh...especially the overabundance of chickens and turkey drumsticks in our concession stand....seeing whole families work and serve together beyond the point of exhaustion in the name of Christ! It was a great event! The exclamation point was hearing a man in church last Sunday share that he had accepted Christ at God Rally. That alone makes it all worthwhile! To God be the Glory!

We left from God Rally to head straight to Horn Creek for a week of family camp. I love Horn Creek. It is such a part of my favorite memories all through my life. We missed last year so it was especially sweet to see the Sangre de Cristos come into view and to pull into the parking lot of Mountain Meadows. We had a great week there with family and old friends and new friends. There are so many simple moments enclosed in that action packed week that I cannot even begin to share them all but a few of the highlights for me were....Hiking to Venable Falls as a family....I had forgotten just how beautiful that hike is....the millions of wildflowers in forests of aspen trees, the creek....the falls...God's amazing handiwork!... Playing Cranium late at night and laughing ourselves silly....the great tv or video games....just time hanging out together....the kids getting to rock climb, ride horses, go on the waterslide, explore in the woods....the great teaching from God's Word each evening.....Communion service on the last night. It was an awesome week. I am so thankful that we were able to go! Thanks Mom and Dad! One of my favorite moments was this conversation between myself, my 4 year old niece Natalie and her 3 year old buddy Ali:

Aunt Kathy....getting down on the floor to chat.....So what are you girls doing?
Natalie: We're just drawing in our book
Aunt Kathy: are both doing such a nice job...I like your drawings
Ali: (looking up at Aunt Kathy very seriously) Ummmm, could you please give us a moment?
Aunt Kathy: Would you like me to leave you alone?
Ali: Yes please. Natalie and I need a moment.

I love 3 year olds!


Mini Me said...

You broke your finger? And how did this happen??

Really nice post and good reminder to look at every little thing as a blessing.

Love ya hon!

Joan said...

Congratulations on the success of the God Rally that everyone worked so hard on. I am sure you all will be seeing results of God at work in the days to come. Sounds like Horn Creek was a lot of fun for everyone also. Glad you were all able to go and enjoy time together as family and also with friends. May the Lord just heap blessings upon all of you as you continue to serve Him.
Much love,

ChoosingJoy said...

HEHEHEHEHEHE...I was attempting to swing on a rope on a Low Ropes Challenge. I was not supposed to touch the ground between two platforms....needless to say I failed the challenge and broke my finger at the same is still a little fat and ugly but I do believe it is getting better!

jenny fowler said...

that is so funny! reminds of someone i know... lol

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